<Rapid Serenity> is recruiting, PvE/PvP/GSF/RP/CQ & more!

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<Rapid Serenity> is recruiting, PvE/PvP/GSF/RP/CQ & more!

Postby Rixty » 11 Nov 2017, 21:34

Good day! Are you looking for a new guild on this brand new server? Well, looks like you've clicked on the right thread.

Rapid Serenity is a large, Republic, 800+ members PvE guild, which means we focus on the PvE aspects of the game such as Operations, Flashpoints, Conquest etc. However, we also have scheduled PvP, GSF & RP events. Apart from that, we have special guild events with great prizes, like our previous Galactic Race tournament, Screenshot event and Guild Uniform Design competition. And not so long, we held a Halloween event which included a Costume contest, as well as a Race and a Dueling competition. So whatever your preferred game-play style is, our community can accommodate and welcome you.

We also have our own fully decorated Flagship, Pillar of Serenity, and Manaan Headquarters, along with a Discord Server and the convenient in-game 10% XP bonus. On top of that, we have a website: http://www.rapidserenity.enjin.com, which includes a Calendar for all our events, our own Forum, Gallery, Timeline, Member Zone and more. If you want to, you can even send in your character's portfolio!

Our guild was founded in the beginning of 2013, on the Progenitor. Since then we've endured all sorts of changes, and we've remained a large, friendly and active guild over the years. We are expanding constantly and we are always looking for new recruits to join our homelike and experienced community. We always fundamentally promote the ethos that our low level members are just as important as the high level veterans of the guild. We actively dissuade elitism and foster an environment that is welcoming and helpful to all our members, whatever your level, class or subscription status.

Although we operate a friendly and welcoming environment to our members at all times, we can only maintain this by making sure that the following rules are adhered to by our members:

Team work is the key to the guild – Always support other guild members wherever possible.

Zero tolerance of insults, discrimination of any sort or fighting. We are a multi-cultural guild representing countries, customs and beliefs from across the planet – this is only possible with a commitment to equality at all times.

If you are interested in joining, either contact us, or visit our website (http://www.rapidserenity.enjin.com) or /whisper one of our leaders in-game, such as Rixty, R-emus, Vigilanis or Erilyne.
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